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Why Choose The Insurance Pros?

Shopping for a new home or car insurance doesn’t need to be a time-consuming hassle. As an independent agency we partner with multiple high rated companies to bring you the best and most affordable option possible. After you become a client we will continue to review your coverages annually and strive to make sure you and your family are covered properly.

Exclusive Programs

The BEST RATES in the market are reserved for drivers with a current insurance policy and no (or minimal) tickets or accidents. If this sounds like your situation and you want a rate check please CONTACT US. Why be with a standard company when you could be with an exclusive one that offers the rates you deserve. Let us design a policy with the coverages you need.

My People

Sure technology is cool. However, nothing can beat speaking with a live, helpful professional! Someone you know and trust to take care of the situation at hand. Have you ever said to someone, “let me check with my people?”

Let us be your 'people' :) We are here and ready to take on the most difficult challenges. We earn the trust of our clients! Let us prove to you how cool it is to have a team ready to go when you need them most.

We Love “People”…and Tech

YES….we are here and ready for your call. However, maybe you prefer technology, or maybe it’s more convenient. No problem. We have all forms of social media, texting, email, website and others… can even fax us if you prefer old school.

See What Others Are Saying

We take pride in our integrity, technology, and customer service. We realize you can purchase insurance anywhere, which is why we strive to put our clients first in all that we do.



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