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boat Insurance


Having boat and watercraft insurance in Salt Lake is useful whether you have a fishing boat, Jet Ski, yacht, sailboat, or another type of marine vehicle. Not only is it required in the State of Utah, but also helps to protect you from costly expenses that come with repairing and replacing boats. Before you settle on just any boat insurance, please contact us and we can customize coverage that works best for your specific needs.

What does boat insurance cover?

  • Collisions with other boats or objects

  • vandalism or fire

  • theft

  • damage from uninsured/underinsured boaters

In addition to these essential components of boat insurance coverage, you can also purchase additional coverage for fishing equipment, skis or other personal property.

While boat insurance coverage includes the costs of repairing or replacing the physical boat, there are other costs to think about. You’ll also want to consider boating liability coverage to protect you from costs associated with medical payments for passengers injured in boating accidents, bodily injury payments, and guest passenger liability. - In order to get boat insurance you have to have liability coverage so the consideration would actually be the physcial damage. I'm not quite sure how you want to word that instead? Or maybe I am just reading it a different way.

If your boat is stolen or undergoes extensive damage, your home or auto insurance will not cover the cost of repairing or replacing your watercraft so you won’t want to be caught without boat insurance. 

Is boat insurance required in Utah?

When you’re boating in Utah a certain level of boat insurance coverage is required, and operating a personal watercraft that has an engine with more than 50 horsepower without insurance is illegal. If you’re operating a motorboat on Utah waters, you need to carry owner’s or operator’s liability insurance.

The required minimums are as follows:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury (per person)

  • $65,000 for total bodily injury when multiple people are hurt

  • $15,000 for property damage

Call The Insurance Pros today to learn more about boat and watercraft insurance coverage and we’ll help you find a policy that fits your needs and your budget.

Do you need to have insurance on a boat in Utah?

Yes, boat insurance is required in Utah. The boat or watercraft must have the operator’s liability insurance on them at all times when operating the vehicle in any bodies of water in Utah. Insurance requirements include at least $25,000 – $65,000 for bodily injury and $15,000 for property damage on a per accident basis. 

How much does boat insurance cost?

The average cost of boat insurance is $300-500 per year. However, the cost largely depends on the type and value of the boat being insured.  Also engine size and a few other factors come into play.  It may cost more to insure a bigger boat or some of the more expensive Wakesurf Boats that are popular these days.  Mastercraft, Supra, Nautique, Malibu, Centurion and other specialty boat brands are becoming more and more popular on our local lakes.

What States require boat insurance?

Only Utah and Arkansas require that all watercraft and boats have liability insurance. The exact specifics may vary between the two states.

how can I buy boat insurance in Salt Lake City?

Contact The Insurance Pros to purchase boat insurance in Utah today. Our team is friendly and experienced.  Many are also experienced boaters and water sports enthusiasts as well!  They are ready to help you find the right boat insurance that you need. Enjoy the local lakes like Deer Creek, Jordanelle, or head on down to Lake Powell knowing that you are covered.  

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