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After Hours Claims

Auto Claims:

First thing to do after an accident:

Call 911 IF there was any injury with either party or if it was the other person's fault. 


Take pictures or video. 


Exchange information with the other driver, i.e. Name, Insurance and contact info. 


Turning in a claim

If the situation does NOT involve injury and the accident has taken place after business hours, we advise waiting until the following business day to call our office.  


Our claims specialist can then guide you through all your options.  


In the meantime, you may send an email to with a brief description of what happened.

House in need of repair
Home Claims:


Step 1: Contact a Home Restoration Provider


ServePro:  (801) 785-5228

OR   Visit their Website

National Flood & Fire Network:  (801) 285-5222

OR   Visit their Website

AAA Service Master (Bear River Preferred)

(855) 788-2225

OR   Visit their Website

Step 2: Contact Our Office Next Business Day


We've found that it is always best to consult with us before actually placing the claim, so please call us next business day and we can help guide you through the process and aim for the best possible outcome. *You will NOT be penalized by waiting to file the claim.


We have some wonderful blogs about filing claims and what to expect as well as many other informational topics! Click Here to learn more.

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