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The Claims Process: Communication is Key

#1 Communication is KEY

  • DO NOT screen calls for the first 48 hours. Your adjuster will be calling. A missed call can literally add an additional day to your claims process.

  • Program the adjuster’s number into your phone once they call.

  • Let the adjuster and contractor know your preferred contact method as well as the best days and times to reach you.

  • Check spam and junk mail folders to make sure important claims communication didn't end up there.

#2 Understanding the roles of everyone involved:

  • You - What's your job? Communication with your adjuster and contractor. Remember, every missed call can be an extra day added to your claim.

  • Adjuster - Answer any questions the adjuster has for you. However, save your questions for the contractor you're working with for repairs/damages, etc.

  • Contractor - You will work with a contractor who will be responsible for restoring what has been damaged or lost. Save ALL your questions for your contractor. They know the processes and the lingo and how to deal with adjusters.

  • Insurance Agency - After the claim has been submitted to the insurance company we normally are no longer involved, UNLESS your contractor or adjustor are NOT communicating or answering your questions. In that case, call us and we can get communication going again.



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