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Do you qualify for the best tier of insurance pricing?

Did you know the auto insurance market has three main tiers: high risk, standard, and preferred. Interesting that most companies are standard. How do you know if you’re with a standard carrier? The clue is they advertise like crazy. Are you with a standard carrier with standard rates? Do you want to be with a preferred ONLY company with the best rates? One that doesn’t waste all of your money on advertising.

Here are some other things to consider to control cost.

Good Driver Discounts: Good driving habits can pay off in various good driver programs and discounts. Here’s the key…..keeping your driving record free of accidents and tickets. That will save you thousands.

Loyalty: If you stay with the same insurance carrier for a long time, you could be rewarded with loyalty discounts.

Your Car: If you’re also shopping for your first car this can be key to saving on premium. As a young driver your dream car can be an expensive nightmare to insure. Check with your insurance agents while car shopping. They can give you quotes before you purchase the vehicle.

Your Deductible: For vehicles that have “full coverage” your deductible is the amount you will pay to fix your car if you were the one that damaged it. Once the deductible is met, your insurance coverage will kick in and cover the cost of repairs. The higher the deductible, the lower your premium payments will be. Your insurance agent can help you in reviewing your options.

Your Level of Coverage: your level of coverage also influences your premium. The more coverage purchased the higher the premium. In any case, discuss with your agent the coverage amounts you should have for your situation.

Purchasing an auto insurance policy is a significant transaction. Insufficient coverage can leave you vulnerable to financial losses beyond damage to your vehicle. At the same time, you could end up paying for excessive coverage you don’t need.

​Our agents are trained to help customers just like you with their auto insurance needs. We partner with some of the best insurance carriers in the industry, all of whom can offer you affordable car insurance with a policy tailored to your needs and budget.

​Give us a call today to get started. As an independent broker, we can shop on your behalf. We’ll work with you to find the best auto insurance coverage at the best price. We take pride in our customers.



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