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Does Auto Insurance Cover Car Theft?

Comprehensive coverage is what covers you in the event that your car is stolen. It is the same coverage that covers collisions with animals (deer), floods, hail, falling objects (trees), fires, and vandalism. If you have a loan or lien on your vehicle this type of coverage is normally required. However, if you own your car outright you can choose to add comprehensive coverage on your policy. Ask us any questions you may have for your specific situation or how to choose the right deductible amount.

2019 Most Stolen Vehicles:

1. Ford Pickup

2. Honda Civic

3. Chevrolet Pickup

4. Honda Accord

5. Toyota Camry

6. Nissan Altima

7. Toyota Corolla

8. Dodge Pickup

9. GMC Pickup

10. Honda CRV

(source: National Insurance Crime Bureau)

Comprehensive coverage WILL NOT cover personal items that are stolen from your vehicle such as laptops, sunglasses, etc. However, you are most likely covered for those items under a Condo, Renters, or Homeowners policy.

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